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TRAILER GPS TRACKING TRUCK TRACKING GPS WITH 5-YEAR BATTERY LIFE Trailer GPS tracking product having a life. Trusted 3G support around the Verizon Network. The Truck GPS checking includes 36 months of service. It;s developed to manage any weather condition. This trailer tracking unit doesn’t have regular expenses and no contracts. Monitor and guard equipment with the trailer GPS tracking unit. This tool tracker was designed

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for lengthy deployments having a 5- year battery life. Track and gPS generally presents free transport and delivery that is fast. THE # 1 TRAILER GPS DEVICE WITH 5- YEAR AND 3-YEARS OF SERVICE PRICE: $279.00 INCORPORATES 3-DECADES OF TRACKING ASSISTANCE Suggested Retail: #8211 & $395.00 ; Buy Wholesale The Cal- Amp TTU -720 truck GPS tracking product is vital need to monitor and safeguard your trailer and heavy-equipment. Designed for deployments that are prolonged, our truck GPS checking has a battery existence of 5-years.

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Marked whilst the resource that is most innovative GPS tracking unit for trailers and equipment available. The Cal- trailer checking model employed the 3G Network’s outstanding protection. Individuals, large organizations, and government Organizations have employed this truck tracker to protect their equipment. Look at the trailer GPS monitoring system being an expenditure that is essential. GPS provide Truck GPS Checking product at wholesale expense of $279. That features 3-decades of trailer GPS support. We never charge expenses that are monthly. On practically a regular schedule our clients have truck monitoring or lost. The energy of satellite GPS monitoring could identify the precise location of the tool.

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#8217 & it;s an excellent experience whenever a client recovers their property employing trailer tracking programs from Course and GPS. The TTU-720 from CalAmp is just a costeffective. Maintenance-free trailer for guarding equipment tracking GPS unit. For gear which is stationed for an extended interval, a truck monitoring unit – year battery life is definitely an incredible alternative. Dump trailer GPS trackers have been in desire that is massive. This tracker is fantastic for dump trailers. It’s perfect for occasional place upgrades, rather than real-time monitoring. The Truck GPS tracking model is the better option for tracking trailers and heavy equipment. This trailer GPS tracking product that is rugged and waterproof is wholesale priced at $279 including three years of assistance and has a battery existence of around 5-years.

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Got Questions? Contact us today direct at 800-578-1809 LEADING COMPANIES UTILIZE TRUCK SYSTEM GPS DEVICES WITH 5-YEAR BATTERY Transportation and Trailer Company Ship Truck, Car Hauler, Mowers RV, Building Equipment, drump trailer GPS trackers Bike Cycle Trailers, Fuel Tanks, Golf Carts, BBQ Smoker Truck Pots, Heavy-Equipment, dump trailer trackers Grocery Stores, Food Transport, Asset Protection REQUEST ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Simply call our GPS and Monitor staff at 800-578-1809 Key Benefits of Truck GPS Tracking Device Outstanding Cellular and GPS quality Enclosed that was IP667 and rugged enclosure User Friendly An easy task to Mount Intelligent, over-the-atmosphere arrangement on power up 5 year battery life. Wholesale GPS Costing $279 Competitive Advantage for GPS Trailer Monitoring The durable and closed housing was created to tolerate the worst outdoor conditions and it is permitted by superior inner antennas for GPS and both cellular. Power management is taken by the Trailer GPS Tracking Device to fresh degrees with super- sleep gusts that are minimal. Freedom The TTU-720 employs CalAmps industry leading on board alert motor PEG (Programmable Event Generator). This sophisticated application facilitates customer defined and displays circumstances that are ecological exclusion-based guidelines to help meet with the requirements of one’s request, including power-management. Clients may transform these devices to meet up many applications before transport or within the field’s behavior. Combining system and affordability intellect along with your request that is exclusive supplies the most adaptable longlasting tracking unit in its category.

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Over-the- Air Serviceability The TTU-720 also incorporates CalAmps industry-leading over-the-air unit management and maintenance software, PULS (Coding, Update and Logistics Program). PEG programs, setup boundaries, and firmware could be updated overtheair. PULS provides -of-the-box, hands-free post that is computerized and configuration -installation enhancements. You can even observe product wellness status across your possessions before they become costly issues to swiftly recognize concerns,. Dimension and Fat 2.25 x 2.25 x 10.5, (55x55x260mm) 32 Ounces, (907 g) Batteries Pack Specifications 3.6 Lithium, Volt, 57 amp-hour Field replaceable Certifications & Approvals 5-YEAR NON-RECHARGEABLE BATTERY MANAGED TRAILER TRACK GPS DEVICE

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